Monday, July 17, 2006

Pops goes Busabout the place

Buon Giorno all!!

What a week last week! Pops had the enviable task of showing the highlights of Tuscany to a photoshoot crew snapping all the pics for Busabouts new brochure for next year. With a crew of 4 and 6 happy backpackers to show off the best of the local area to he was flat out driving for 4 days.
The first day was sussing it all out then one day in Florence, a day at the beach, a day in Tuscany and a few evenings reflecting over some fantastic chianti wine and traditional tuscan cooking, everybody was most impressed.
Now he's back in the office and everything is getting back to normal again, but it was certainly great to find out there are some hidden gems in the local area, like the waterfallnear Figline, the beach at Grosseto, and the fabulous L'Osteria restaurant at Localita Badia a Montemuro.
Chef Luciano treated the group to a sensational traditional Tuscan lunch, complete with cold meats, salami, bruscette, cheeses, local chianti wine and 2 types of pasta. The guys were in dire need of a siesta after that but still managed some great shots inside and out, especially with some of the locals as extras.
We look forward to seeing the completed brochure, and our best wishes for the future go to the guys that took part.

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