Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Plus Office Outing

Wow, what a day. The boss sent Rani and I on a staff training mission to Plus Park Albatros in SanVincenzo so it was a great chance to escape from the office.
Park Albatros is one of our newest Plus destinations in Italy, opened in March of this year and has it's own private beach access, which was a bonus as the temperatures were soaring during the staff training.
When we had finished I thought it would be a great idea to get some first hand experience of the local surf scene so we headed down to the shore. Brilliant sunshine, waves crashing on the beach and plenty of room to stretch out. The waves may not have been anything an antipodean surfer would write home about but it was great to just float about in the warm water.
We had to then wash off the salt so it was back to the campsite and a chance to test drive the brand spanking new shower block, I've nicknamed it the Bamboo Bath house already. Ahhh, bliss, high pressure hot showers with enough room to get changed and a place to put your things off the floor. Ok they have the push button thingy but the time under the nozzle was realistically long, and I've had some experience of some very annoyingly short push button showers in my time.
Now, if only we had some other urgent staff training to do at Park Albatros...
ciao for now,

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