Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well last year it was flashpackers, in the years before they were called backpackers. Now in a country you could only call America comes the Fatpacker. I picked up this little gem at Willy Volks Blog at Glading.

Apparently the definition of Fatpacking is:
an alternative to Boot Camps, Fat Camps, Fat Farms and a less rigorous version of Outward Bound- is for people who love the outdoors, but who are a little bit overwieght or a little older and prefer not to feel rushed by superfit-atheletes or obsessive hi milage hikers.

Fatpackers offer 1 or 2 week hiking vacations durring which Fatpackers guides help reshape the participants bodies while having an 'unforgetable wilderness experience'. Apparently Fatppackers can loose as much as 5 pounds a week (possibly more if you stumble accross a grizzly bear)

Even better for those chasing a bit of stardom there is even talk of a reality show. Be careful though my mate Chris a camera man informs me that TV cameras always stick on a few extra pounds.

For those interested check out Fatpackers here.

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