Friday, October 20, 2006

A taste of traditional life at Mar-Mar in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre was until a few years ago a remote group of villages lying along the Ligurian coastline where access was only by boat, train or rugged winding tracks.
Today it is a UNESCO protected site with awesome walks, scenery and a well preserved traditional way of life.
Plus is very pleased to announce its partnership with the team at Mar-Mar in Riomaggiore to bring you the best accommodation in Cinque Terre over the Christmas period. Comfortable rooms in local apartments, most with kitchens and some with sensational views over the sea make Mar-Mar the ideal place to stay to get away from it all.
For Christmas and New Years many of the villages stage their own fireworks displays and small parades, with Riomaggiore the best place to view everything going on along the coastline. You can either sit on the rocks and watch it all go off or take to the water in a local boat.
Experience the traditional rural Italian life with plus and Mar-Mar. Book now for December and January through

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