Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The End of Year family get together

Pops doing his groove thing

Some Plus ladies

Last week it was that time of year again where all the workers get together for the annual meeting, dinner and communal hangover. It was a great opportunity to meet up again with all our co workers from around Italy, the back office staff and ground crew from all of the campsites as well as the managment teams. We had the staff training session earlier (there's always a catch for a free dinner) where we heard speakers from many of the campsites describing their achievements for the year and goals for the next, and also from the 'Professore' who focussed on teambuilding skills.

For us it was a great opportunity to talk to those who had participated with Plus and see what we can change for next year, as well as talk to some of those we didn't get around to seeing that often. The best bit was getting to see those that we don't normally hang with, like the accounting and reservations departments having a boogie when the DJ started up.

Anyone who has been to an end of year office function may be familiar with paper plates, photocopiers, cheap plonk and stale finger foods, this was the total opposite. Our parent company has many faces- hostels, campgrounds and restaurants being some of them but add to that the recreation and conference complex in Florence South. The Otel provides a dinner, bar and vareity show facility so we were treated to some of the performances that go on throughout the year, including a glowing poi dance, an awesome array of arias from an opera singer through to comedy and cover tunes.

The food was non stop, naturally, antipasti, pasta, mains and dessert to die for, it's a shame that it only happens once a year. Well its back to the Plus office again, to continue with our partners that are open over the winter and to gear up over the coming months for those that reopen next year.

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