Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year and All that Jazz

Happy New years and Tanti Agurri

Well it's back to the grind today. Although I have been back only nigh on 8hrs it seems like a lifetime. I guess when we all have some sort of hols or vacation it takes a few days to get into the swing of things.

However there is no way I am going to start the year by moaning. We have some really cool stuff happenning at Plus in 2007. I am not supposed to tell anyone this, but we have our new hostel in Prague opening at the end of March. Its a bit different though. It has an internal swimming pool, A PLUS Girls floor, each floor has a self catering kitchen, bar and restaurant etc. Our website is about to be launced as soon as it is i'll post it here.

I need help!!

Over a few wines at christmas (as you do) we were discussing are todays travellers /backpackers any different than 20 years ago beside technology and the ability to move around.
Are our reasons for travelling any different? Do the ideals of yesterday still hold true today? Were we treehugging hitchhiking hippies or was it a growing up phase?

I really wonder, as I know people in the backpacking industry who preach the old fashion values but in reality are capiltalist as you can get. Isn't it a contridiction and hypocrtical for the former to be true?


rozza said...

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Plus Crew said...

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