Friday, February 02, 2007

Welcome to the latest addition to the Plus Office

Well after 9 months and 36 hours in the making she finally arrived, thankfully a few days after my birthday and not on New years eve. The boss is now supplanted by the baby. Sleep is achievable but only in bits, like 3 hours here, 4 hours there, maybe a short nap later on.

It may look like I rushed back into the office but hey, it was only to check emails and upload some photos. I don't really work with a baby on my lap! Its only taken me 3 weeks to get the photos up afterall, with all the feeding, changing, burping, changing again going on.

Still yet to pick out her first backpack and buy her first travel ticket, however she has barely left her car seat for all the trips around the neighbourhood, hospital checks and grocery shopping. At least I know I can still get around if I want.

It's a funny situation to be in to now have another being to think about when it comes to travel. There's all her gear to think about, spare clothes and nappies, at least the food thing is not a problem. So long as I'm there she has food on tap, so to speak. I just need somewhere comfortable to sit.For an hour.

Dad will get to share the feeding joy in a couple of weeks after I work out how the pump works. He can do the evening meal then. Will keep you posted on her travels in the future.

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