Saturday, February 10, 2007

Something Really Cool to Do in Dublin

Last week the Plus crew headed of to Dublin for the Hostelworld conference. The conference was up to the usual high standard you would expect. A great time was had by all. Congratulations to all the hoscar winners especially Jetpak in Berlin who seemed to scoop most of the major prizes (or was it one too many beers consumed by myself) they seemed to win everything. Well done to Grannie and her team for doing such agreat job.

While in Dublin Antonio, Rani and I cruised Dublin looking for cool stuff. I had a bit of a heads up, as I had arrived on Saturday and met up with a mate of mine and over a few beers he told me about this cool XBOX LIVE gaming centre. So on the Wednesday after the conference we decided to suss it out.

Wow, 2500 sq feet of gamer paradise. 50 plasma screens that can all be linked together, leather chairs and couches. You can play individually or as a team and you can play against players from anywhere in the world thanks to the net. They regualary hold leagues and competitions every night of the week infact.

Yep, we even got to play Battlefield 2 between our selves and Andrew who was showing us round. Well all that I can say is that I think that my generation slightly missed the boat and that Antinio has spent far too much time hunting birds in Madrid and whiling away time infront of a screen at home.
Thanks to the Manager Tony Murray and Andrew for showing us around. I think that i may have an idea for our Atomic bunker in our Prague hostel now.

Now all that I need to do is convince Katy to buy me an XBOX, I'm hooked.

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