Monday, February 12, 2007

Should a Hostels Details be Included in a Website

I have just received an interesting email from an unnamed website requesting us to remove a hostels contact details from our content pages due to the fear of customers making direct bookings to a hostel.

Now I have to ask myself several questions:

  • Do people really leave a website to make a booking directly with the hostel?
  • Why would people leave a website unless they're having a bad experience or they thought that by ringing or emailing the hostel they could get a better deal?
Isn't it a matter of customer service that we enable our clients to have easy access to us enable them to contact us to change a booking, tell us they are going to be late or to ask us for directions rather than the customer having to struggle to find the relevant info?

There is no way that Plus will change our policy of adding contact details to web pages where appropriate.

Let me know what you think

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