Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Go slow day

This looks really cool .I found it while looking for information on the prime minister's (Prodi) resignation, a situation that is rather common occurrence in Italy. They've had more governments than I've had hot pizzas. 60 new prime ministers in as many years since the end of WWII. They don't have so much a ministerial chair as a bare patch of carpet where they stand for a limited time. Anyway, the go slow thing. Life has certainly slowed for me since joining the mothering sorority (fraternity just doesn't sound right) Time is measured in feeding periods and length of time time between nappy changes, sometimes only 10 mins between.
I was happy to move to Italy as I knew it had a slower pace of life after London and now they have honoured it with a day devoted to going slow. Some acquaintances of mine may argue that I don't need a day to relish going slow, I've been doing it all my life.
Why the need to go fast? Unless you are behind the wheel of a supercar (Mclaren F1 or Ferrari spring to mind) with the top down there really is no need to go any faster than necessary. I agree with the need to look around you and see what's happening in the rest of the world. Taking the baby for a walk has certainly slowed things down for me, stopping every few feet to wipe up spit or find the toy that's gone overboard.
I remember watching the world go by from the window of the train years ago, wondering what people around Europe got up to in their daily lives. I guess most of the time its everyone watching everyone else rushing around. Unless you are in Italy of course.

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