Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Plus Launches New Website

On Friday last week saw the launch of a new phase in the development of Plus with the launch of our new website

The new phase encompasses the redevelopment of the pluspass and the development of our web 2.0 travel platform incorporating Google mashups, community and activities.

The site will be run in parallel with with customers having the choice as to which site they want to use. Plusted will be the home for the pluspass, pluspass hostels, activities, blogs etc. while plusvillages will focus primarily on Italy


As we were developing our new website we took the opportunity to revisit the pluspass and to make some significant changes from the way the pass works from both a hostel management and the end users point of views.

Major Changes

  • We have now split the pass into 6 different zones that are relevant to geographical areas and cost the cost of a bed night.
  • We have reduced the number of nights to each pass to 5 thus eliminating a perceived cost barrier to entry from our customers.
  • We have changed the number of nights stay available to be booked with the pass to unlimited provided the customer has available nights left on the pass.
  • There are now combi zones available on the pass. Which allow customers to buy a combination of different zones at discounted rates.

The Zones

The Stone Zone- England, Wales, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands

The Bull Zone- Spain and Portugal

The Paddy Zone- Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Stein Zone- Austria and Germany

The E Zone- Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary Czech Republic Poland Etc.

The Sun Zone- Italy Greece and Turkey

Cheers Pops

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