Sunday, December 03, 2006

Travel Blogger I Promise

Well its high time that I actually posted something on Plus Stuff. Hands up. I admit I've been really slack and have not taken as much care and attention of the blog as I should have and it has ended up a tiny bit commercial.

On my honour I promise to do the right thing, to post every day and to keep the blog law. I guess you can't help your upbringing.

Todays been a bit of a weird type of day. I have been trying to tie up loose ends at Plus this morning as tommorow I am going back to school. After nearly 2 years of living and working in Italy I am taking myself off to Study Italian in Florence at The Michelangelo Insitute . The Course is 2 weeks of Intensive Italian. Basically lessons in the morning and conversation in the afternoon.

One of the reasons for my lack of Italian is because I work in the Travel industry and the international language of tourism is English ( sorry I should say inglese). Another reason is my pet hate; websites that automatically think that you speak Italian because you are using a computer that has an Italian IP Address. Please BA, Emirates and even Google, please let me select what language I want to view a site in, not waste time trying to find the appropriate one.

How time has flown though. Last night I was checking out some stuff on the web and came across a Blog from Bootsnall . I can't believe that it is nearly 8years since I first signed up as a member. They're still as crazy as ever but check them out as they have some great deals for travellers and backpackers.

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