Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Trying to Juggle Work, Travel and Study

Well its day three of My Italian language course and to be honest it seems to be going quite nicely. My vocab is increasing and pronuciation is getting better. Giovanni and Agostino are working to remove my kiwi accent so that i will be able to pronounce i and e without people missunderstanding what I am saying.

The only downside is the 6.00am start in the morning which means prising the old eyes open and stumbling into the shower without trying to kick the cat. A quick shower, brekky and off to the train station hopefully if I time it right its a 20min train ride and then a 20 min walk or 45 min train ride if i miss the train.

Then its a couple of espresso's and straight into the Study.
6 hrs later I emerge with Italian verbi and adjectivi slowly stroking their way across my eyeballs and ringing in my ears to catch the train again.
Then its off to work at mission control at Plus.

Last night while I was checking out travel blogs. I came across North Americas 1st Ice Hotel at The Travelnet. Its a cool article about the hostel in Quebec and how it was constructed etc. Not quite our market, but hey we can dream!!!

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Mick Gordon said...

Thanks for visiting, there are a lot of "cool" things to do in Quebec during the winter - they have such a rich culture. Mick